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What is included in the NannyVerify BASIC Background Check?

The basic nanny background check package from has two components:

  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE: Verify SSN and current address. This is also used to determine a candidate’s previous residence(s), and any other names or aliases associated with that SSN for the past 7 years. Vital to determine if additional names or jurisdictions need to be checked. » More Information on the Social Security number trace.
  • IN-COURT COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCH: The in-court criminal records search is used to determine if the individual has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in a given jurisdiction within the past 7 years. The criminal court records check will be made in the county specified by the client.

You must search all names in all jurisdictions to conduct a thorough nanny criminal background search.

Caregiver and Nanny Background Check Guide