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What are the recommended items to be checked for nanny background screening?

Thorough caregiver background checks are critical. Nanny background screening is not just for nannies!  This applies equally for screening a privately hired senior caregiver who will care for a vulnerable adult. County record searches should be ordered in every jurisdiction that the candidate has lived in the last 7 years. You will want to verify on the SSN trace that you have searched all jurisdictions found there.

We recommend two ‘broad net’ tools that can help a family expand their nanny background screening without spending a fortune. These are the National Sex Offenders Registry search and the the Multi-State Database (a private database). These searches are strongly encouraged and are included in the Comprehensive and Deluxe Packages.

We also recommend you run a Driving Records Check even if you do not plan to have the nanny drive your children. Information on the MVR can speak to the candidate’s judgment (DUI or excessive speed), responsibility, conformity to rules and attention to detail.

Reference checking should never be overlooked. Every candidate should be able to provide you with a minimum of 3 non-related references. References who have observed the candidate in a caregiving setting are preferred. Character references, however, may be the only real references the younger candidate has. National Crime Search does not offer reference checks, these are the responsibility of the hiring family.

Civil Court Records Searches are available as an optional add-on to the criminal records search. These can take several additional days to complete.

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