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What is a Nanny Share?


One Employee with Two or More Employers

  • Employers Share the Cost
  • Care is Provided in One or Multiple Homes
  • Nanny is Usually Paid a Premium

Benefits of a Nanny Share

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Limited Group Size


Key Components

The three –way work agreement is critical to the success of a nanny share. If done correctly, this document ensures the nanny and all parents are on the same page regarding terms and conditions of employment.



What is the nanny’s total compensation, and how will this be split among families?

Paid Time Off

Coordination of Paid Time Off

Do your vacation schedules align? Are there any holidays the nanny or only one family observe?

Overtime Hours

Overtime Hours

What will the overtime rate be? Is it different if requested by only one family, and who will pay in that case?



Who’s car will be used? Is insurance up to date to include all drivers? Will mileage on the nanny’s vehicle be reimbursed?

Who Pays

Who Pays When Only One Family Needs Care

Is there a different pay rate when the nanny is only caring for one child?


Duties and Expectations

Activities, naps, diet, transportation, meals, laundry… is everyone in agreement?


Severance Agreement Between Families

What happens when one family opts to leave the nanny share? Best practice is to provide four weeks notice.

Parenting Style

Parenting Style

Even best friends can have different approaches. Both families should discuss their style with the nanny and ensure that they are compatible.

The Workplace

The Workplace

Is the nanny expected to work at only one home, or both? Don’t forget to check on your insurance requirements. (i.e. Workers Comp)

Notice Requirements

Notice Requirements

The nanny should give a minimum 2 weeks notice before quitting, but 4 or more gives families an opportunity to make other plans.

Nanny Share & Learning Pod

Starter Kit

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet

  • Understand your tax obligations and what pitfalls to avoid when hiring an in-home employee
  • Learn how HWS can help you keep up with payroll and tax mandates that vary from state to state

Sample Work Agreement

Sample Work Agreement

  • Outline important wage, duties, and benefit information with your nanny or educator to avoid miscommunication or disagreements later on

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