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Long Term Care Claim Processing

HomeWork Solution Partners with Mrs. LTC to offer Long Term Care Claims Processing.


Long Term Care Claims

  • Walk thru your existing policy
  • Discuss options and next steps
  • What’s covered and what’s not
  • Understand potential pitfalls of not filing correctly
  • Managing document-intensive process
  • Mention HomeWork Solutions & get 10% off
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Focus on Your Family

  • Let us handle all the paperwork and filing, so you can focus on your family
  • Give anyone secured access to all documents, including your siblings, CPAs
  • All payroll and taxes for your employees can be downloaded from our state-of-the-art software platform
  • We are HIPPA Compliant

Simplify, Not Sacrifice

  • Concierge level service
  • Dedicated representative assigned to your account
  • Free initial consultation
  • On-going filing of all claims

Customer Reviews

“Thank you for your Long Term Care Claims Expertise! ‘Mrs. LTC’ has patiently guided us through the complexities of claim-filing every step of the way. Without their vast expertise, we’d have fallen flat on our faces. They’ve steered us around countless pitfalls which would have halted our loved one’s claim dead-in-its-tracks. Can’t imagine how anyone can successfully negotiate today’s LTC maze apart from the services of these savvy professionals!”

“Stana is very knowledgeable about the issues and solutions surrounding future long term care issues. Although I purchased my policy to pay for care in my 80’s-90’s, I drive extensively for my job and I’m very aware that an accident could devastate my retirement resources. I feel confident that I selected the best option for me, but Stana showed the other options that are available, with no personal bias. Thanks Stana!”

“Stana’s expertise was invaluable when wading through the details of filing my father’s long-term care insurance claim when he moved in assistant living. She made the appropriate contacts and followed through with all the parties involved to make sure my father could get the benefits he had paid for for so long. I would highly recommend her for this work.”

“Stana, Thank you for being such a indispensable long term care solution specialist. You have all the tools, knowledge and options to guide your clients in finding just the right solution to a subject that none of us want to talk about but know we need to. You make the decision much easier.”


Long Term Care Insurance Claims

Understanding and filing your LTC claim forms is confusing. Majority of claims are rejected simply because something is missing or incorrect. Take the hassle out of filing claims, and ensure your in-home caregiver gets paid and mom is taken care of during this critical time in her life.

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About Mrs. LTC

Stana Martin earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and taught for many years at various Universities.

She has been in the long-term care insurance arena for the past 14 years. When she first started to help her own policy holders file claims, she became aware that the process to file a claim was quite document intensive. And yet – unlike other health insurance products – no single person was tasked with managing all these documents.