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Background Checks

  • Is the Basic nanny background screening enough to thoroughly check a nanny?

    The Basic nanny background screening is a good starting point to screen a nanny. Included in the basic nanny background check is a Social Security Number (SSN) trace, which will reveal all names and addresses known to credit bureaus associated with the applicant's SSN. Most families find, however, that the history of the individual nanny applicant... Read more »
  • What is included in the NannyVerify BASIC Background Check?

    The basic nanny background check package from has two components: SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE: Verify SSN and current address. This is also used to determine a candidate’s previous residence(s), and any other names or aliases associated with that SSN for the past 7 years. Vital to determine if additional names or jurisdictions need to… Read more »

  • About the Social Security Number Trace

    Hiring families may have questions about the Social Security Number trace they receive as a result of the pre-employment background check order they run on their nanny, housekeeper or care giver candidate. The following FAQ about the SSN trace will assist in interpreting the report. What is a social security trace?A social security trace is... Read more »
  • Who actually performs the nanny background investigations?

    Nanny, housekeeper and senior caregiver background checks are provided by a third party, National Crime Search, Inc., an Arkansas-based corporation with a national background screening network. National Crime Search is in compliance with the Professional Background Screening Association and formally recognized as BSCC-Accredited. Nanny background checks are a vitally important part of the nanny hiring process… Read more »

  • The order form asks for type of business. I am hiring a nanny? What do I answer?

    If you are an individual (NOT a business) ordering pre-employment screening or background check form for hiring a nanny, housekeeper, senior caregiver, homecare worker, etc. that you will privately employ (meaning YOU are paying the employee directly) you should choose Sole Proprietor as the business type, and describe business activities as “I am a household… Read more »

  • What are the recommended items to be checked for nanny background screening?

    Thorough caregiver background checks are critical. Nanny background screening is not just for nannies!  This applies equally for screening a privately hired senior caregiver who will care for a vulnerable adult. County record searches should be ordered in every jurisdiction that the candidate has lived in the last 7 years. You will want to verify… Read more »

  • What is the nanny background check screening and report delivery procedure?

    Wondering what the nanny background screening process is? Here is a step by step guide. Set up your nanny background screening account by click on ORDER NOW. You will be redirected to our nanny background screening partner, National Crime Search.. Download the Candidate Records Release Authorization form and have your applicant complete it for you. The… Read more »

  • Can’t I just order a nationwide nanny background check?

    A true, accurate nationwide nanny criminal background check cannot be done, as there is no publicly-accessible central repository for all federal, state and county level felony and misdemeanor convictions. There is one national criminal database created by the FBI, known as the NCIC (National Crime Information Center), but it is not a public record that… Read more »

  • What about sex offender records?

    We strongly encourage families to order the national sex offender search. This option has been considerably improved in recent years as a result of federal legislation. The economical National Sexual Offender Registry (NSOR) search is recommended as part of any childcare or eldercare background screening to reduce the risk of hiring someone with a prior... Read more »
  • Our nanny will be driving. How do we check the nanny driving record?

    Driving records are very important, and they reveal more than just how well the nanny drives. A nanny driving background check can speak to the candidate’s judgment, attention to detail, and conformity to rules. DUI’s and speeding tickets will generally give a family pause. Many states have moved to protect the confidentiality of these records in… Read more »