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Service Plans & Pricing

  • Essential Tax
  • Leave tax compliance to us for a simple, cost-effective solution. We handle all tax filings and remittances while you pay your household employee directly.

  • $



  • +$69/quarter for each additional employee
  • Select Essential
  • Key features
  • Tax Compliance
    • Effortless new employer setup
    • Federal, state, & local tax withholding & filing
    • Annual Schedule H & W-2 preparation and delivery
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  • Complete Payroll
  • Take the stress out of payroll with our popular payroll + tax option. In addition to tax compliance, you'll receive dedicated payroll processing tailored to your schedule. Let us handle the back-end work so you can focus on what really matters.

  • $


    Select a Payroll Frequency
      Weekly   Biweekly
    +$69/quarter for each additional employee
  • Select Complete
  • Key features
  • • Effortless new employer setup
    • Federal, state, & local tax withholding & filing
    • Annual Schedule H & W-2 preparation and delivery
    • Secure online portal with Digital VaultTM
    • Hassle-free tax notice management
    • Dedicated payroll specialist
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  • Premier Household
  • Immerse yourself in our world-class, full-service solution - meticulous payroll processing, unparalleled tax expertise, strategic worker's comp and health benefit guidance. With priority service and weekend support, your dedicated team resolves issues swiftly, no matter when they arise. Leave the hassles to us.

  • $


  • Complimentary weekly payroll
    +$69/quarter for each additional employee
  • Select Premier
  • Key features
  • • Priority service & weekend response
    • Effortless new employer setup
    • Federal, state, & local tax withholding & filing
    • Annual Schedule H & W-2 preparation and delivery
    • Secure online portal with Digital VaultTM
    • Hassle-free tax notice management
    • Dedicated payroll specialist
    • Weekly payroll at no extra charge
    • Dedicated tax coordinator
    • Unbiased workers' comp guidance
    • QSEHRA health benefit consultation
    • Live onboarding for you and your employees
    • On-demand payroll reports
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Feature Comparison

Uncompromising Tax Compliance in All 50 States and the District of Columbia

Say goodbye to tax headaches. Our experts navigate all federal, state, and local tax requirements. Clients receive secure online access via the HWS Cloud’s Digital VaultTM.

Essential Complete Premier
Effortless employer setup. Let us handle the paperwork – applying for your EIN, opening unemployment accounts, and filing new hire reports. Transition seamlessly into employer life.      
Precise federal, state, & local tax withholding and filing. We do so monthly (where required), quarterly, and annually on your behalf.      
Complimentary reciprocity support for household employees who live in eligible states.      
Annual signature-ready Schedule H & W-2 preparation and delivery.      
Touchless tax notice management. We manage notices from the tax authorities so you don’t have to.      
Secure online portal with Digital VaultTM to keep your documents secure & in one place. No more hunting for documents at tax time.      
Dedicated tax coordinator – Your personal tax partner – A dedicated coordinator, intimately familiar with your unique situation and household, will work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way. As a resident expert on the tax rules and regulations in your state, they’ll ensure full compliance while maximizing your benefits, giving you complete peace of mind.  

Streamlined Payroll, Tailored to Your Needs

Essential Complete Premier
Enjoy the convenience of complimentary direct deposit, ensuring your employees get paid promptly without the hassle of writing checks.    
Empower your employees with self-service access to digital pay stubs, providing them with fast answers and transparency.    
Prefer traditional methods? Paper checks and paper pay stubs are available upon request for your convenience. $5 per paycheck  
Gain a trusted partner with your dedicated payroll specialist, ensuring you receive the right answer whenever you need it.    
Seamless multi-worksite support across all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories, allowing you and your employees to operate seamlessly from any property.  
Easily monitor your budget with on-demand access to comprehensive payroll reports. Unlimited

Practical HR Services Designed to Increase Employee Retention

Essential Complete Premier
Protect Your Family with Comprehensive Caregiver Background Checks $ $ One complimentary search /year ($45 value)
Receive personalized workers’ compensation guidance through our individualized assessment, ensuring you get the right coverage at the most effective cost. Unlike other payroll firms, we put your interests first – not making money off your protection, but prioritizing safeguarding your family with a tailored approach.  
Keep your employees healthy and able to provide top care with tax-advantaged health reimbursement arrangements. Our experts guide you in selecting the optimal QSEHRA solution tailored to meet your family’s needs while maximizing tax advantages.  
Quarterly account review with our in-house Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®) upon request– As your needs change, we will tailor HR recommendations to fit your evolving needs.

HR Certification Institute's SPHR badge. A round badge with white text.


Exceptional Customer Care, Designed for Your Convenience.

Essential Complete Premier
Domain Expertise – With over three decades of experience, HomeWork Solutions has cultivated unmatched domain mastery in household payroll. Tens of thousands of families, just like yours, have trusted our seasoned guidance through this niche area since 1993.      
Live access to knowledgeable human experts via phone or email, without the hassle of navigating endless phone trees.      
Peace-of-mind guarantee We manage the process from A-Z and guarantee the accuracy of our work.      
Ongoing support for your employees Questions about paystubs? No problem! Your employees can reach out to our dedicated support team for direct assistance. We’re here to help with multi-lingual support.    
Priority service and weekend callback service.  
We provide comprehensive live onboarding sessions to ensure you and your employees have a clear understanding from the start, setting the stage for an effortless experience moving forward.  
LTC claims processing – Get professional help processing your Long Term Care claims. $ $  10% discount
Service fees are charged quarterly with the first payroll processed in the calendar quarter. Fees cannot be pro-rated. $69 for each additional employee per quarter. $120 one-time setup fee. Additional $125 yearend fee applies.

HomeWork Solutions is committed to providing the best solutions to all of our clients.

Please give us a call to discuss customized solutions and special pricing for your unique situations!

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Our Clients Our Service

I’m an attorney – I could do this myself but HomeWork Solutions is so easy to work with. Dealing with seniors every day, I know the assurance that required paperwork is completed accurately, reliably, and on time for elder care and other domestic employees is invaluable.”

— Stacy C., Washington DC

Please renew my annual service. I did find a new nanny, Mary Poppins to be exact ;-), and I will be needing your services again. Thanks for a great service!

-Janine M., North Carolina

I am an 83 year old woman caretaking my infirm husband and trying to juggle the endless paperwork necessary for two part-time caregivers … and also be a loving and supportive grandmother, good neighbor, etc. I have phoned HWS with questions about many accounting details, and, without fail, your staff has listened carefully to understand exactly what I am puzzled about and has answered totally to my satisfaction.

-Anne F., Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what taxes I’m required to pay and how do I manage those accounts?

HomeWork Solutions will handle the entire setup and ongoing management of your tax accounts for you. Give us a call or enroll online to begin the process – we will handle the rest from A to Z.

How do I know if I’m paying my employee correctly? Is overtime required?

HomeWork Solutions offers free HR Consultations to ensure that you understand all of your employment obligations. These are important to understand when negotiating employment terms.

Do you work in my state?

Yes! We support clients in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We manage all Federal, State and Local Tax requirements. Certain states may require Complete Payroll service level.

How do you pay my employee?

Premier Household and Complete Payroll offer direct deposit, live check mailed to the employee, or a direct payment from the employer. Essential Tax only supports direct payment from employer.

How long does it take to setup my account?

Set up time generally requires 5-7 days from the time we receive completed employer information.

Does my employee need an SSN? ITIN?

It is always better to provide a Social Security Number as this will work every time when filing taxes. ITIN’s are acceptable most of the time, but certain situations may still require an SSN.

Do you handle state taxes?

Yes! We handle your Federal, State, and Local (if applicable) taxes.

How do I fund the payroll?

HWS will direct debit (via ACH) your bank account for all financial transactions, including payroll, taxes and fees for service.

How do I report hours? What if something changes?

Many clients set their payroll to process automatically without lifting a finger each pay period. If your employee’s hours will vary, you can report hours through our simple online portal or our new iOS or Android mobile app (coming soon). Essential Payroll clients will report total payments each quarter at one time online.

Can I change services during the year?

Yes, you are welcome to change your payroll tax service level during calendar quarter transitions.

What if I have already paid my employee?

We can help with back taxes by going back to prior quarters. Additional fees apply.

Do you handle Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

We work with an insurance partner that can help. For Premier Household clients, we will offer an unbiased assessment of your needs and ensure that you get the right coverage at the most effective cost. Unlike other payroll firms, we put your interests first – not making money off your protection, but prioritizing safeguarding your family with a tailored approach.

Will you file my employee’s tax return?

No, we don’t handle employee’s personal tax returns, but we will prepare a W2 for each employee so that they may file their taxes accordingly. Non-US Taxpayers can elect to have HWS file a standalone Schedule H if appropriate.

The chart up there says “price for single employee” what does that mean?

There is an additional fee per employee of $69 each quarter that you pay more than 1 worker. For example, if you pay 3 employees total, there will be an additional $138 fee that quarter (1st employee is included in base pricing listed above). Give us a call for a customized quote.