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Workers Compensation Insurance and G-5 Visa Domestic Workers

Workers’ Compensation is protection mandated under state law for a worker and his or her dependents against injury and death occurring in the course of employment. It is not health insurance, and it is not intended to compensate for a disability other than disability caused by injury arising out of employment. Employer requirements to maintain a G-5 visa domestic worker’s compensation insurance policy are governed by state, not Federal, law.

The purpose of a domestic worker’s compensation system is to provide financial and medical benefits to the victims of ‘work-related’ injuries and their families regardless of fault. The cost of this insurance is borne by the employer. Insurance premiums are determined by the number of employees, their annual payroll, and the type of work they do.

Maryland and the District of Columbia require household employers to obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. This insurance may be purchased through a licensed insurance broker and/or a state insurance fund. This is a policy of insurance and not a payroll tax. HWS can assist clients to obtain G-5 visa workers’ compensation insurance.

Virginia requires workers’ compensation insurance when you employ 4 or more household workers.We strongly encourage you to speak to a casualty insurance agent about your options for G-5 domestic workers’ compensation.

HomeWork Solutions’ insurance partner can assist clients in DC, MD and VA to obtain workers’ compensation insurance.

New York State requires that the employer purchase BOTH worker’s compensation and disability insurance policies. These are offered ONLY through the state insurance fund.

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