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  • Estoy comenzando mi trabajo como niñera. ¿Qué impuestos me corresponde pagar?

    ¡Felicitaciones! Si recibirás un salario como niñera de por lo menos $2200 (2020) en el lapso de un año, tus obligaciones como contribuyente podrían incluir Seguro Social y Seguro de enfermedad (7.65% del salario bruto), así como impuestos al estado y federal. Puedes usar la calculadora de impuestos gratuita que se encuentra en nuestra página… Read more »

  • I have a housekeeper working in my home. What taxes do I need to pay?

    In general, the Internal Revenue Service requires payroll tax filings by a domestic employer (household employer) who pays a housekeeper or other household employee more than $2200 cash wages (2020) in a calendar year*. These payroll taxes are collectively referred to as “nanny taxes”, although as a practical matter these employment taxes are applied to… Read more »

  • Is my nanny an “independent contractor.” Can I do that?

    Is my nanny an independent contractor? Can I give my nanny or senior caregiver a 1099  and let her file her own taxes? Most Workers are Employees! The US Department of Labor’s Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, David Weil, clearly stated on July 15, 2015 that most workers are considered employees under the… Read more »

  • U.S. Department of State Regulations: B-1 Domestic Servants

    The U.S. Department of State allows certain non-immigrant aliens and US citizens to bring into the United States their servants, personal attendants and other domestics provided certain conditions are met. The B-1 domestic worker visa allows currently employed (no less than 6 months) domestic employees to accompany their employers who are moving temporarily to the… Read more »

  • Who actually performs the nanny background investigations?

    Nanny, housekeeper and senior caregiver background checks are provided by a third party, National Crime Search, Inc., an Arkansas-based corporation with a national background screening network. National Crime Search is in compliance with the Professional Background Screening Association and formally recognized as BSCC-Accredited. Nanny background checks are a vitally important part of the nanny hiring process… Read more »

  • Family Resource: FAQs related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

    Family FAQs related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)   Q: What Paid Sick Leave is required by FFCRA? A: FFCRA creates an emergency paid leave provision for the following reasons specifically related to the COVID-19 outbreak: An employer is REQUIRED to provide up to two weeks (80 hours maximum) of paid sick... Read more »
  • Ok, ¿Cuanto tengo que pagar en impuestos de la niñera?

    Cuando comenzaste a trabajar, tu empleador debió pedirte que llenes unos documentos incluyendo el formulario W-4, del IRS. Este formulario recogió información acerca de tu nombre legal, tu dirección, tu número de Seguro Social e información acerca de tus impuestos, y de cómo estos van a ser deducidos. Tu patrón debió estar de acuerdo en… Read more »

  • Puedo ser mi propio jefe y pagar mis impuestos de la niñera?

    Simplemente no. El IRS define como trabajadores del hogar, a niñeras, empleadas domesticas, empleadas de limpieza, cocineras, empleadas al cuidado de personas mayores, y todas aquellas personas que realicen cualquier tipo de trabajo en una residencia privada. El IRS tiene muy claramente definidos a estos trabajadores como domésticos, no como trabajadores independientes. La familia para… Read more »

  • The order form asks for type of business. I am hiring a nanny? What do I answer?

    If you are an individual (NOT a business) ordering pre-employment screening or background check form for hiring a nanny, housekeeper, senior caregiver, homecare worker, etc. that you will privately employ (meaning YOU are paying the employee directly) you should choose Sole Proprietor as the business type, and describe business activities as “I am a household… Read more »

  • What are the recommended items to be checked for nanny background screening?

    Thorough caregiver background checks are critical. Nanny background screening is not just for nannies!  This applies equally for screening a privately hired senior caregiver who will care for a vulnerable adult. County record searches should be ordered in every jurisdiction that the candidate has lived in the last 7 years. You will want to verify… Read more »

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