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  • Diez Consejos: Preguntas que todas niñeras deben hacer.

    Una entrevista de trabajo, de niñera, es una conversación de ida y vuelta. Las siguientes son algunas de las preguntas que todas niñeras deben hacer al momento de la entrevista, antes de considerar el aceptar la posición. Deberes correspondientes al cuidado de los niños: Pida a la familia que sea específica sobre las expectativas del… Read more »

  • Is the Basic nanny background screening enough to thoroughly check a nanny?

    The Basic nanny background screening is a good starting point to screen a nanny. Included in the basic nanny background check is a Social Security Number (SSN) trace, which will reveal all names and addresses known to credit bureaus associated with the applicant’s SSN. Most families find, however, that the history of the individual nanny applicant… Read more »

  • Are you a household employer?

    What Your Family Needs to Know... At HWS, we are experts on the tax and labor laws surrounding household employment so you don't have to be. Let's first determine whether YOU are a household employer. Our knowledge center goes into much more depth on the details, here it is short and simple. Our lives are busy, and we... Read more »
  • Prevailing Wage for A-3 and G-5 Domestic Workers

    NOTICE: Effective March 8, 2016 the 9 FAM 402.3-9(B)(4) notes have been updated to reflect a change in wage requirements for G-5 domestic workers, as well as A-3, B-1, and NATO-7 domestic workers. Effective immediately, all contracts for domestic workers must state an hourly wage to be paid to the domestic worker, and the rate must… Read more »

  • U.S. Department of State Regulations: A-3 and G-5 Domestic Servant

    The U.S. Department of State allows aliens who are diplomats, staff of certain international organizations (often referred to as NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations), and NATO staff to bring into the United States their servants, personal attendants and other domestics provided certain conditions are met. The US Department of State’s Foreign Aid Manual (9 FAM §41.21,… Read more »

  • What is included in the NannyVerify BASIC Background Check?

    The basic nanny background check package from has two components: SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE: Verify SSN and current address. This is also used to determine a candidate’s previous residence(s), and any other names or aliases associated with that SSN for the past 7 years. Vital to determine if additional names or jurisdictions need to… Read more »

  • About the Social Security Number Trace

    Hiring families may have questions about the Social Security Number trace they receive as a result of the pre-employment background check order they run on their nanny, housekeeper or care giver candidate. The following FAQ about the SSN trace will assist in interpreting the report. What is a social security trace? A social security trace... Read more »
  • Estoy comenzando mi trabajo como niñera. ¿Qué impuestos me corresponde pagar?

    ¡Felicitaciones! Si recibirás un salario como niñera de por lo menos $2100 (2019) en el lapso de un año, tus obligaciones como contribuyente podrían incluir Seguro Social y Seguro de enfermedad (7.65% del salario bruto), así como impuestos al estado y federal. Puedes usar la calculadora de impuestos gratuita que se encuentra en nuestra página… Read more »

  • I have a domestic (nanny, elder care giver, housekeeper) working in my home. What taxes do I need to pay?

    In general, the Internal Revenue Service requires payroll tax filings by a domestic employer (household employer) who pays a household employee more than $2100 cash wages (2019) in a calendar year*. These nanny payroll taxes are collectively referred to as “nanny taxes”, although as a practical matter these employment taxes are applied to all US… Read more »

  • U.S. Department of State Regulations: B-1 Domestic Servants

    The U.S. Department of State allows certain non-immigrant aliens and US citizens to bring into the United States their servants, personal attendants and other domestics provided certain conditions are met. The B-1 Domestic Attendant Visa allows currently employed (no less than 6 months) domestic employees to accompany their employers who are moving temporarily to the… Read more »

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