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Background Checks

  • Do I need a release from the individual to get a nanny background screening report?

    Is a release necessary for a background screening report? YES! The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that a potential employer obtain a signed release from a candidate prior to ordering the background screening report. You must agree that you understand and are adhering to this law when you submit your order. We advise that you... Read more »
  • Using Civil Courts Record Searches As Part of a Pre-Employment Screening Program?

    Civil suits for pre-employment screening purposes are filed when a plaintiff believes they are due restitution or compensation for a wrong done by a defendant. Civil searches are conducted at the upper level court in each jurisdiction requested. Although a civil court records search will cover lawsuits filed for damages, bankruptcy, personal injury etc. where… Read more »

  • What about a senior caregiver or nanny credit report?

    Are you wondering, “What is the process for pulling a credit report for my nanny or caregiver?” NannyVerify regrets they cannot provide access to individual credit reports via their website. Families desiring a senior caregiver or nanny credit background check should contact a reputable credit reporting agency directly. Be advised, however, that all of the credit bureaus… Read more »

  • Nanny Reference Checking: How and Why

    The nanny candidate has just left your home. The meeting went very well. You felt a connection, an instant bonding. You think, “Hurrah! I found the perfect nanny for my family!” You are ready to make an offer — or are you? Whoa! Stop right here! Never make an offer to any candidate without checking… Read more »

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