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Do I need a release from the individual to get a nanny background screening report?

Is a release necessary for a background screening report? YES! The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that a potential employer obtain a signed release from a candidate prior to ordering the background screening report. You must agree that you understand and are adhering to this law when you submit your order. We advise that you keep the signed authorization form on file for 6 years – legally it must be available for audit. You can download an authorization form for the applicant’s signature.

You are responsible to adhere to all applicable regulations governing the background screening report, including those imposed by the» Fair Credit Reporting Act, and to provide the candidate with the » Summary of Rights when a pre-employment background check is ordered. You are required to explicitly acknowledge that you understand and agree to adhere to these obligations when your order is placed.

An Adverse Action Letter, Summary of Rights and a copy of the applicable report generated must be provided to applicant if your decision not to hire was in whole, or in part due to information you received from the NannyVerify background check.

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