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Rules Unique to the G-4 Code of Conduct (World Bank/IMF)

World Bank/IMF

All World Bank/IMF staff members holding a G-4 visa and requesting the privilege to obtain a U.S. visa for a foreign domestic worker (maid or nanny) must agree to the sponsoring organization’s Code of Conduct Rules as part of the visa application process. These unique rules for the G-5/G-4 visa employment arrangement are subject to change. The prevailing G-4 Visa Code of Conduct Rules should be consulted to clarify any questions. G-4’s sponsored by the World Bank, please refer to G-4’s sponsored by the World Bank, please refer to

Rules Unique to the G-4 Visa Code of Conduct

  • G-5 domestics working in Metropolitan Washington DC must be paid no less than the minimum wage established by the jurisdiction in which the work is performed.
  • The G-4 sponsor must ensure that the G-5 domestic has a policy of medical insurance in place at all times that meets the Affordable Care Act’s minimum essential coverage. The World Bank requires that this insurance be paid for by the G-4 sponsor – do establish an ICHRA to keep this reimbursement tax free.
  • G-5 domestics must be employed on a full time basis, no less than 35 hours per week, and may only work for the G-4 sponsor (employer) who sponsored his/her G-5 Visa.
  • The G-4 sponsor must pay the G-5 for all hours worked, including an overtime differential when applicable.
  • The G-4 sponsor must specify the agreed wage in the employment contract.
  • The G-5 domestic must be paid on either a weekly or biweekly basis. Payment must be either via check or direct deposit to a bank account owned by the G-5 domestic. The expectation is that the G-5 will be paid for every week that s/he is in the United States and available for work.
  • Other record keeping, including a record of days and hours worked, must be kept. Refer to the G-4 Visa Code of Conduct Rules for specifics.
  • The employer is required at all times to adhere to the employment contract and G-4 Code of Conduct. signed at the beginning of the employment arrangement. In cases where the G-5 employment contract and the G-4 Code of Conduct are in disagreement, the G-4 Code of Conduct will prevail.
  • Employment and tax records are subject to annual audit by the G-4’s sponsoring organization. An audit fee of $300 will be charged to the G-4. This fee [not the audit itself] will be waived if the G-4 retains the services of a qualified payroll or tax professional. HomeWork Solutions’ clients are eligible for the audit fee waiver.

PLEASE NOTE: These unique rules for the G-4/G-5 employment arrangement are subject to change. The prevailing Sponsoring Organization’s G-4 Visa Code of Conduct Rules should be consulted to clarify any questions.

Sponsoring organizations from time to time make changes to the employment rules imposed on the staff member sponsoring and employing the G-5 domestic. These changes generally impose additional documentation and time/payroll tracking procedures designed to protect the sponsoring organization from charges of sponsoring ‘domestic enslavement’ should abuses, perceived or real, occur. HomeWork Solutions strongly encourages the sponsoring staff member to request and become familiar with the regulations imposed by their sponsoring organization.

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