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  • I Want to Net a Take Home Pay of $600 a Week. A Family Just Offered Me a Job, but Listed a “Gross” Pay Rate, What Does That Mean?

    Many household employees expect to negotiate a “net wage” or “net take home pay” agreement with their employer. The net take home pay agreement is an unfamiliar concept for many nanny employers, and often the new employer does not fully understand the financial implications of a net pay agreement with the employee. A lack of... Read more »
  • New Hire Reporting Information

    Federal legislation has mandated that all states implement New Hire Registration Programs to track individual employment data for purposes of expedited child support enforcement and fraud control of various welfare programs. Home/Work Solutions will do the necessary New Hire Reporting for all NaniTax and NaniPay clients. Also, see our nanny background check services page for... Read more »
  • Overtime Rules for Senior Home Care Workers

    Direct hiring of senior caregivers by families continues to increase, and families have questions about minimum wage, overtime rules for senior home care workers, and questions about what constitutes payable hours during the care day. Senior Home Care Overtime Law and Minimum Wage The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies minimum wage and overtime rules… Read more »

  • Do I have to pay payroll taxes for the cleaning lady that comes weekly?

    Is a regular cleaning lady subject to the nanny taxes? Is the cleaning lady a household employee? Any individual whom you employ to provide services in your home whom you pay directly AND whose total payments in the calendar year meets the IRS household employment threshold, $2200 currently (2020), must receive a W-2 from the employer… Read more »

  • IRS Announces Penalties for Incorrect Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

    The Social Security Administration returns forms W-2 with name/number mismatch problems to employers for corrections. The Internal Revenue Service assesses penalties to employers filing Forms W-2 with mismatched names and Social Security numbers. A mismatch occurs when the name associated with a SSN does not match agency records. Incorrect W-2 penalties are calculated at a… Read more »

  • Great Options for Nanny Health Insurance Benefits

    More and more we’re seeing nannies asking about how to get health insurance built into their compensation packages; we’re seeing many more employers asking how they can help too. That’s great! Just how to go about doing it is where things get confusing. Let’s consider the question: what’s a good option for nanny health insurance… Read more »

  • Do au pairs have to pay nanny taxes?

    The short answer is while Federal and state payroll taxes - Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Tax - do not apply to au pairs, state and federal employment laws DO. This means that au pair compensation needs to adhere to the greater of the Federal, state or locality minimum wage, and that overtime, when required,... Read more »
  • Is a nanny bonus reported as wages?

    I gave our nanny a $2000 holiday bonus. Do I have to report the nanny bonus as wages, and will there be a tax on bonus payments? A nanny bonus payment IS considered taxable wages. “Wages” are defined by the IRS as all remuneration paid, including the cash value of all remuneration paid in any… Read more »

  • What about tracking the nanny’s hours? What is required?

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that due to the nature of their work and duties, nannies and other household workers are employees, are hourly workers,  and are covered by minimum wage and overtime laws. The FLSA requires employers to maintain accurate and complete contemporaneous time records for tracking hours worked by an employee. When… Read more »

  • How can I help my nanny build a retirement savings account?

    There are some practical ways an employer can help their nanny build a retirement savings account. The SEP-IRA Employers can set up a SEP-IRA to help build a retirement savings account for their nanny. The contributions are 100% funded by the employer. Sometimes employees will ask to ‘defer’ a raise and have the $50 or so… Read more »

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