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How to File and Pay Virginia Withholding Electronically

The Virginia Department of Revenue is requiring e-filing of employer withholding tax returns and payments. Here are some tips for filing and paying the Virginia employer withholding tax.

Household employers find that eForms is an easy and intuitive filing scheme. Whether you have little to no computer experience or you are an expert, eForms is the easiest and fastest way to file and pay Virginia electronic taxes.

You can…

•     Prepare your return without having to enroll or login
•     Fill in the fields on a return that looks just like the paper return HomeWork Solutions prepares for self-filers, with eForms performing some of the calculations for you
•     Save time by storing your account and banking information for your next filing
•     Go to

HomeWork Solutions does offer more comprehensive services that allow you to outsource your tax filing obligations to HWS while retaining the flexibility to pay your household workers directly each pay day. Learn more about our nanny tax payroll service.

Updated: April 2018