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I hired a nanny. What about household employers workers’ compensation and disability insurance?

SUMMARY: State insurance regulations determine when household employers workers’ compensation and disability insurance are required. The rules vary by state. We recommend meeting with a licensed insurance broker to review all of your insurance needs when you become a household employer. HWS has a licensed insurance partner who will provide HWS clients a no obligation workers’ compensation quotation and discuss your situation.

Household Employer Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance is protection mandated under state law for a worker and his or her dependents against injury and death occurring in the course of employment. It is not health insurance, and it is not intended to compensate for a disability other than disability caused by injury arising out of employment.

The purpose of a worker’s compensation system is to provide financial and medical benefits to the victims of ‘work-related’ injuries and their families regardless of fault. The cost of this insurance is borne by the employer. Insurance premiums are determined by the number of employees, their annual payroll, and the type of work they do.

This insurance may be purchased through a licensed insurance broker and/or a state insurance fund. This is a policy of insurance and not a payroll tax.

HomeWork Solutions’ clients can request a no-obligation quotation and consultation from HWS’ workers’ compensation insurance partner as part of their service benefits. Newly enrolling clients are presented an opportunity to get a quotation as part of the online enrollment wizard. Existing clients who wish to shop their coverage simply login to their HWS account and select Get Workers’ Compensation Quote.

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