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  • How to File and Pay Virginia Withholding Electronically

    The Virginia Department of Revenue is requiring e-filing of employer withholding tax returns and payments. Here are some tips for filing and paying the Virginia employer withholding tax. Household employers find that eForms is an easy and intuitive filing scheme. Whether you have little to no computer experience or you are an expert, eForms is the… Read more »

  • New Hire Reporting Information

    Federal legislation has mandated that all states implement New Hire Registration Programs to track individual employment data for purposes of expedited child support enforcement and fraud control of various welfare programs. Home/Work Solutions will do the necessary New Hire Reporting for all NaniTax and NaniPay clients. Also, see our nanny background check services page for... Read more »
  • Overtime Rules for Senior Home Care Workers

    Direct hiring of senior caregivers by families continues to increase, and families have questions about minimum wage, overtime rules for senior home care workers, and questions about what constitutes payable hours during the care day. Senior Home Care Overtime Law and Minimum Wage The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies minimum wage and overtime rules… Read more »

  • IRS Announces Penalties for Incorrect Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

    The Social Security Administration returns forms W-2 with name/number mismatch problems to employers for corrections. The Internal Revenue Service assesses penalties to employers filing Forms W-2 with mismatched names and Social Security numbers. A mismatch occurs when the name associated with a SSN does not match agency records. Incorrect W-2 penalties are calculated at a… Read more »

  • Do au pairs have to pay nanny taxes?

    The short answer is while Federal and state payroll taxes - Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Tax - do not apply to au pairs, state and federal employment laws DO. This means that au pair compensation needs to adhere to the greater of the Federal, state or locality minimum wage, and that overtime, when required,... Read more »
  • How to Write a Nanny Letter of Recommendation

    Our wonderful nanny will be leaving in September when our son begins full time school. How do we help her with a letter of recommendation? The nanny’s letter of recommendation from her former employer is an important part of her “Nanny Portfolio,” a collection of materials including her resume, work history, educational certifications, and examples… Read more »

  • When do you need to consider Senior Home Care?

    According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, one third of seniors aged 65 and over need some assistance with the activities associated with daily living.  Facing the need for senior home care is often greeted with resistance and disappointment by the senior herself, and concern and worry on the part of her family members. Before an… Read more »

  • Are there any household employer tax breaks an employer can take advantage of?

    There are two popular household employer tax breaks for families to make care more affordable.  A family may only use up to $6000 paid to a nanny or senior caregiver (qualified expenses) in any particular year. These tax breaks are not income-restricted. They do require, however, that both spouses must pass the “work-related expense test.” You… Read more »

  • What could happen if I don’t pay the nanny taxes? Are there any good reasons to pay?

    In home care is expensive. After the family’s mortgage payment, the nanny or home health aide salary is often the biggest expense in the household. Add the cost of taxes on top of this and many families wonder “Why?” If I don’t pay the taxes the nanny keeps more money and it costs me less…. Read more »

  • Orienting the New Nanny

    A little preparation and a few hours of new employee orientation greatly improve the comfort level of both the nanny and family. Before the nanny starts make sure you have all of her personal contact information as well as information you need for payroll processing – a completed W-4 form with her Social Security Number… Read more »

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