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Senior Care Employers

  • Seniors and Driving: Assessing Safety

    Most older Americans have been driving since they were teenagers and want to retain the independence that comes with being at the wheel. Growing older does not necessarily mean a driver is less capable; in fact, years of driving experience may make them a more conscientious driver. But changes that occur as we age, even… Read more »

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Rules and Domestic Employment

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rules and domestic employment are often misunderstood by the household employer. The temptation is to either agree to a weekly “salary”, agree to “average hourly rate” (pay $15 an hour for 45 hours for example) and or to average weeks (pay bi-weekly and average the two weeks hours to… Read more »

  • Overtime Rules for Senior Home Care Workers

    Direct hiring of senior caregivers by families continues to increase, and families have questions about minimum wage, overtime rules for senior home care workers, and questions about what constitutes payable hours during the care day. Senior Home Care Overtime Law and Minimum Wage The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies minimum wage and overtime rules… Read more »

  • IRS Announces Penalties for Incorrect Forms W-2, Wage, and Tax Statement

    Household employers will incur significant incorrect Form W-2 penalties if there are name and Social Security number mismatch problems. The Social Security Administration returns incorrect forms W-2 (name and Social Security number mismatch problems) to employers for corrections. The Internal Revenue Service assesses penalties to household employers filing Forms W-2 with mismatched names and Social… Read more »

  • When do you need to consider Senior Home Care?

    According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, one third of seniors aged 65 and over need some assistance with the activities associated with daily living.  Facing the need for senior home care is often greeted with resistance and disappointment by the senior herself, and concern and worry on the part of her family members. Before an… Read more »

  • What do I do with the Wage and Benefit Audit form I received?

    States use a Wage and Benefit audit for many purposes. The state may be checking on taxpayer subsidized benefits that the worker is receiving such as Medicaid for a dependent child, or on the veracity of information the employee has previously provided for purposes of child support enforcement, wage garnishment for tax delinquencies, etc. The state will… Read more »

  • Human Resource Services for the Household Employer

    It is rare to find a household with it’s own Human Resources Department. The good news is that HWS services go far beyond payroll and include many aspects of household HR functions. We’ve been helping clients understand the big picture of being a household employer since 1993 and are happy to do the same for… Read more »