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What is a Learning Pod?


Multiple Families Sharing Resources to Address Childcare and Educational Needs

  • Usually Groups of 3-10 Children
  • Teaching is Provided by Parents or a Hired Educator
  • Care is Provided in One or Multiple Homes

Benefits of a Learning Pod

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Limited Group Size


Does this work for me?

Learning Pods are small, in-person groups of students learning together with the help of an in-person tutor or teacher.



Who will host which days? What hours will the pod be together? Are there breaks or holidays?


Conflict Management

Whether its parents or kids, have a plan for how to come together to work out differences.

Plan B

What is Your “Plan B”

What happens if your provider cannot make it, or the scheduled host family cannot host? Will class be canceled?


Infectious Disease Policy

Outline how to prevent transmission, how to communicate in the event of illness, and how to move forward. Will your pod close for defined length of time?

Packing List

Packing List

What should children bring and not bring with them to pod time?


Meals & Snacks

Allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. make a policy about food & drinks, because “I’m hungry” can derail any lesson plan.


Depth & Breadth

What will this time be used for? Education or socialization? Will there be recess? Different families may have different expectations, so make sure you are on the same page.


Communication is Key

Group email, private Facebook group, Slack… how will they communicate? Are check- ins encouraged, or do the interrupt the “school day?”

Employment Details

Employment Details

Hiring an educator or caregiver? Define the terms of the employment, the scope of work, details of wages/taxes, insurance (i.e. Workers Comp), expectations, and required notice if employment ends.

House Rules

House Rules

Define the rules and parameters for each house, or for the group as a whole. Do work from home parents need a quiet space? Pets, guns, pools, even stairs… different families are comfortable with different risks so talk about them up front.

Nanny Share & Learning Pod

Starter Kit

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet

  • Understand your tax obligations and what pitfalls to avoid when hiring an in-home employee
  • Learn how HWS can help you keep up with payroll and tax mandates that vary from state to state

Sample Work Agreement

Sample Work Agreement

  • Outline important wage, duties, and benefit information with your nanny or educator to avoid miscommunication or disagreements later on

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