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  • G-4 Sponsor Responsibilities

    RESPONSIBILITY TYPE WORLD BANK STAFF IMF STAFF OAS STAFF Allowed wage payment METHODS Bank Check or Direct Deposit Only Bank Check or Direct Deposit Only Bank Check or Direct Deposit Only Allowed payment FREQUENCY Weekly or Bi-weekly ONLY Weekly or Bi-weekly ONLY Weekly or Bi-weekly ONLY Room & Board Deductions allowed? NO NO NO G-5… Read more »

  • So what are the payroll taxes household employers pay?

    Nanny taxes, what are they?  First it is important to understand the so called “nanny taxes” are not just for nannies! The Nanny Tax is a catchy phrase for headline writers! However, these are really household employment taxes and apply when you hire a nanny, housekeeper, maid, senior caregiver or other domestic worker. Household employers... Read more »
  • What is the nanny background check screening and report delivery procedure?

    Wondering what the nanny background screening process is? Here is a step by step guide. Set up your nanny background screening account by click on ORDER NOW. You will be redirected to our nanny background screening partner, National Crime Search.. Download the Candidate Records Release Authorization form and have your applicant complete it for you. The… Read more »

  • Employee Resource: FAQs related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

    Employee FAQs related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Q: Why should a family keep their nanny employed right now? A: Helping your employees in hard and uncertain times like this is the right thing to do.  However, many household employers are facing uncertain job situations and layoffs on their own, so it… Read more »

  • Payroll Protection Program: Household Employers EXCLUDED

      HomeWork Solutions has received many calls about the CARES Act stimulus bill and the Payroll Protection Program offering forgivable loans to employers who retain their employees.   Unfortunately, the US Small Business Association (SBA) has just issued final terms of the program. Notably, household employers are excluded from Payroll Protection Program eligibility.  The document notes… Read more »

  • Unique Employment Rules Applying to G-4 Sponsors of G-5 Employees

    G-5 visa employment rules are complicated. HomeWork Solutions is a preferred household payroll provider for the World Bank, and works with G-4 staff at other NGOs nationwide. HWS has a quarter century of experience providing payroll and tax services to G-4 Visa holders sponsoring domestics working in the U.S. on a G-5 Visa. Federal/State Unique Employment… Read more »

  • Can’t I just order a nationwide nanny background check?

    A true, accurate nationwide nanny criminal background check cannot be done, as there is no publicly-accessible central repository for all federal, state and county level felony and misdemeanor convictions. There is one national criminal database created by the FBI, known as the NCIC (National Crime Information Center), but it is not a public record that… Read more »

  • Diez Consejos: Todo sobre los impuestos de la niñera

    Importante: Si usted emplea una niñera o empleada del hogar, que esté legalmente dentro de los Estados Unidos, mediante una visa G-5; usted tendrá pagos, beneficios y registros de pago adicionales, obligaciones que son impuestas por la organización que los patrocina. Familias interesadas en el establecimiento de una relación exitosa a largo plazo con su… Read more »

  • G-5 and NATO-7 Domestics: Social Security Taxes

    Understanding the Social Security Taxes and Tax Totalization Plans HomeWork Solutions has many years of experience providing payroll and tax services to employer’s with domestics working in the US on a G-5 Visa. These employers and their G-5 domestics often have questions about Social Security Taxes for G-5 domestics. The following are general guidelines that… Read more »

  • Nanny Emergency Pay: COVID-19 Closed her Child’s School

    HomeWork Solutions fields many questions daily about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) from families and caregivers alike. We are committed to helping nannies and other household workers understand and have access to the benefits they deserve. Equally, HWS helps families to understand their new (temporary) responsibilities. Lastly, HomeWork Solutions is waiving some fees… Read more »

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