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  • Family Caregiver Stress – Part II

    Care For Your Emotional Health Along with the emotional rewards that may come from helping an older family member maintain safe and with a good quality of life, the responsibilities may take a toll on a caretaker’s emotional well-being. A reverse in roles when taking care of an aging parent can be especially difficult. When… Read more »

  • What Does the Application Form Mean by Known Aliases?

    What does the application form mean by known aliases? Why do hyphenated last names incur additional costs? How do I order searches for candidates with hyphenated last names? An alias name or AKA (also known as) is any name that has been used by the candidate in the past. Life events such as marriage and… Read more »

  • Are records available for convictions prior to the age of 18?

    Are records available for juvenile convictions prior to age 18? Unless the individual was tried and convicted as an adult, records of convictions prior to  age 18 are unavailable when ordering a background check. Juvenile records are generally not open to the public.  Job applicants are not required to tell potential employers about these crimes

  • Seniors and Driving: Assessing Safety

    Most older Americans have been driving since they were teenagers and want to retain the independence that comes with being at the wheel. Growing older does not necessarily mean a driver is less capable; in fact, years of driving experience may make them a more conscientious driver. But changes that occur as we age, even… Read more »

  • United Nations’ Staff Employing Domestics with G-5 Visas

    HomeWork Solutions has many years of experience providing payroll and tax services to employer’s with domestics working in the US on a G-5 Visa. There are some wage and reporting requirements for this employment situation that are driven by the United Nations’ Secretariat Code of Conduct. All UN Staff holding an “G” category visa requesting… Read more »

  • What else can a family do to verify the credentials of a nanny candidate?

    Need some more nanny background check help? The following are some suggestions for nanny credential verification. These are in addition to a professional caregiver background check. Have the nanny/care giver complete a formal nanny job application and either fax or mail it to you. Require that the nanny show you original documents confirming her identity: drivers… Read more »

  • Can an employer pay the nanny on the payroll of their own business?

    Considering adding a nanny on business payroll? Nanny employers who own a business or a farm operated for profit can choose to include their nanny’s payroll in their 941 or 943 tax returns. The ‘nanny taxes’ are exactly the same employment taxes paid for other employees and do not require special calculation. What the sole… Read more »

  • Nanny Fired: When are last wage payments due?

    Whether the nanny is fired (involuntary separation, termination or discharge) or resigns (quits) voluntarily, state rules define how quickly the employer must give the final paycheck. Below is a state by state summary of separation payment rules as they apply to household employees.* May 2019 You MAY NOT withhold the final paycheck pending the return… Read more »

  • Nanny Terminated: Do I have to pay out Vacation or Sick Time?

    When your household employee – whether a nanny, housekeeper, senior caregiver or other – leaves your employment many states require that you pay out her earned but unused vacation time. Generally, it doesn’t matter if the separation of employment is voluntary or involuntary. If you have a separate bank for sick time, that is excluded… Read more »

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Rules and Domestic Employment

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rules and domestic employment are often misunderstood by the household employer. The temptation is to either agree to a weekly “salary”, agree to “average hourly rate” (pay $15 an hour for 45 hours for example) and or to average weeks (pay bi-weekly and average the two weeks hours to… Read more »

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