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Learning Pods & Nanny Shares

Learning pods & nanny shares are the wave of future for childcare and education.

What is a Learning Pod?


What you need to know

A learning pod is private, in-home education for groups of 3 to 10 children. Teaching is done by a hired private educator, a nanny-tutor, or a parent that is paid to teach the kids. Schooling is completed in one home or multiple homes. The teacher may be supervising students through the school district’s lessons, or they could be creating their own lessons.

Learning pods offer a variety of benefits:

  • In-person education and collaboration
  • Offers alternative for online learning
  • Personalized instruction
  • Safe, small group setting
  • Encourages teamwork & limited socialization
  • Parents are able to work from home more efficiently

It’s simple to start: gather neighbors and friends, then split the cost of the in-home educator. Then, get ready to watch your kids learn in a unique setting that supports their educational growth & development.

What is a Nanny Share?


What you need to know

Nanny shares involve one nanny providing childcare for two or three families. The family splits the cost of her childcare services and care is provided in one home or multiple homes.

Nanny shares offer a variety of benefits:

  • More affordability
  • Flexible schedule
  • Safer, smaller childcare setting
  • Socialization
  • More individualized care
  • Parents are able to work from home more efficiently

For working families that need quality childcare but want to stick to their budget, nanny shares can provide the safe setting and attentive care that their kids need and deserve.

Nanny Share & Learning Pod

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Tip Sheet

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Sample Work Agreement

Sample Work Agreement

  • Outline important wage, duties, and benefit information with your nanny or educator to avoid miscommunication or disagreements later on

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