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The criminal search revealed a charge. The charge was Nolle Prossed or Dismissed. What does this mean?

Nolle Prossed is from the Latin term “Nolle Prosqui” meaning “We shall no longer prosecute.” Generally, it is a decision by the prosecution that there is insufficient evidence to pursue the case. It is often used in plea bargains. The prosecution decided not to prosecute a criminal case. A ‘dismissal’ may be ordered by the court when the court decides that the case, for any of a number of factors, including lack of witnesses, an offer of restitution, community service, lack of evidence, etc., will not go forward. Depending on state law, dismissed and/or Nolle Processed charges may or may not be reported on a caregiver background check.

For all essential purposes, the terms Nolle Prossed and Dismissal mean the same thing – the charge was dropped, and there was no conviction.

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